fix msmpeng.exe antimalware service executable high cpu & memory

how to fix msmpeng.exe antimalware service executable high cpu & memory or disk usage

Typically Windows 10 Defender will be listed as the antimalware service executable (msmpeng.exe) for reporting purposes in Windows 10, and if you’ve ever gone into task manager and if you’ve ever noticed that a certain component of your system is using a lot of resources for the antimalware service executable specifically the Windows Defender service.

On this tutorial, we’ll go through how to hopefully resolve some the issues you may have of it. So typically as it makes sense if you think about it for a couple seconds.It’s important that you have the antimalware service executable is running, Especially if you do not have any other antivirus or anti-malware applications on your windows 10 PC, because without that it will leave your computer vulnerable to the many dangers of the Internet.

In this brief tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to keep the real-time protection enabled for Windows Defender but at the same time addressing this unreasonable amount of memory that’s being taken up.

  1. Going to get over to the Start menu and we are going to look up task scheduler by type in task scheduler. you just want to left-click on task scheduler msmpeng exe antimalware service executable
  2. In the task scheduler window, you need to expand the folder that says task scheduler library by clicking on the little arrow >> microsoft >> windows >> windows defender. msmpen exe antimalware service executable high memory
  3. go to the right side, these option says it should be the third option for you and select : Windows Defender scheduled scan Windows Defender scheduled scan
  4. Right-clicking on this and then click on properties. Now you want a left click on the conditions tab on the top, and uncheck the “start the task only if the computer is on ac power”antimalware service executable
  5. Click on OK and then you can close out of the task scheduler

At this point and hopefully your an time our service executable high memory usage should be resolved. If the problem “antimalware service executable is running” please follow other solution below :

Open task manager : right click on taskbar and click task manager fix msmpeng.exe antimalware service executable high cpu task managerFind the Antimalware Service Executable and then right click and choose “open file location”

Antimalware Service Executable msmpeng exe windows 10

Click the “MsMpEng” and go to “home” tab, then “copy path” location to show you where the MsMpEng.exe location

fix msmpeng.exe antimalware service executable high cpu msmpeng location

Go to 1. settings >> 2. update and security >> 3. windows defender >> 4. add an exclusion fix msmpeng.exe antimalware service executable high memoryExclude a file >> the path of “msmpeng.exe” location. default is : C >>programs files>>windows defender>> msmpeng

msmpeng exe antimalware service executables

Restart your windows 10 PC, and the “antimalware service executable” is nothing in task manager.

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